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Your First Visit

We want you to feel like yourself again

Discovery Visit

Your first visit to Northwest Chiropractic and Sports Rehab

Your first visit with us will start with just a conversation. We want to know about your full health history, what you are currently experiencing and where you would like your time with us to take you. Our process is aimed discovering how your condition began as well as finding out what all of the contributing factors may be.  A lot of things play equal parts in our health including your stress levels, sleep habits, nutrition, fitness level and even how you are currently thinking about your condition.  Nothing is too small for us to talk about.  Anything that you think is important, we want to hear about.

We call this first part of your experience a Discovery Visit.  It’s meant to help, not only, you decide if our practice is the right fit for you, but also for our staff to determine if we can help you.  This part of the visit is completely on us.  If for any reason you don’t want to go forward with us there’s absolutely no pressure.  We’ll even help you find someone who can better fit your needs.

If you decide to proceed with us you will then receive an exam, report of findings, treatment, post treatment re-evaluation and further recommendations.  You can learn more about these steps bellow.

Your Exam

Our next step is to do a full and comprehensive physical exam.  This exam starts with a comprehensive functional movement assessment.  This assessment will pin point where we need to focus most of our attention to get the most out of your visits.  Then we do a targeted regional orthopedic exam to really narrow down to your specific diagnosis.  This process takes some time but it allows us to have laser precision in later treatments and not waste time on unnecessary procedures.   

Report of Findings

As important as the exam is, it is just as important for you to know and understand what was found.  This means that we go over, in as much detail as you would like, exactly what was found.  This will include any functional deficits and/or orthopedic conditions you’re dealing with along with our exact plan on how to remedy your condition.  This comes with a detailed condition sheet for you to bring home for you and your loved ones so you can easily explain what was found.


Treatment at Northwest Chiropractic and Sports Rehab is highly variable and for good reason.  Any treatment you receive is based on your functional and orthopedic exam findings.  There are no cookie-cutter treatment plans because every condition, regardless of diagnosis, is unique.  What is almost guaranteed is that you will get some for of mobility work (adjustment, ART, stretching) and some form of stability work (exercise, breathing, movement) to do in the office and at home.

Constant Re-Evaluation

It’s vitally important that we adjust our treatment as you progress through your condition.  As you heal, your body will demand more and more rigorous treatments and challenging exercises.  It’s important that we revisit key exam findings often so that our treatments can progress along with you.

Scheduling your Follow-Ups

At the end of your visit, based on your condition, the exam findings and your response to the first treatment, you will be recommended an initial trial of care. This is usually 1-2 weeks in duration and meant to assess how you are responding to your prescribed treatments.  Further care will be disscussed at that point, depending on how you’ve progressed towards your stated goals. 


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…As an athlete, I appreciated that he approaches my treatment in a way that gets me fully-functioning quickly and with the tools needed to prevent another injury.”

Claire W.

“…We were able to get right to the root of the problem the first session...”

Andrea C.

“…I’ve been working with Dr. Brandon for more than 6 months, and he is the only person I’ve worked with that has given me relief from pain…

Jesse S.

“…The focus is on what the actual issues are, and Brandon provided steps I can do myself at home…

Lanie H.

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